We invest in science to help improve the availability and safe delivery of medication.

From tiny RFID labels to ready-to-administer (RTA) premixed medicines and prefilled syringes … from unlocking access and increasing affordability of quality biologics and specialty products to state-of-the-art pharmaceutical production facilities … Fresenius Kabi is always looking for ways to help support clinicians and their patients across America.

Lindsey Thomas, Senior Vice President, Marketing, discusses how Fresenius Kabi Ready-to-Administer products are designed to help our customers in the areas of safety and ease of use.

Providing the advantages of RFID labeling to our customers.
In 2020, Fresenius Kabi was one of the first pharmaceutical companies to begin introducing a range of essential medications featuring +RFID Smart Labels. Fresenius Kabi is the first pharmaceutical company to follow GS1 open, technology-independent, global standards for their RFID tags.1 As a result, our +RFID-tagged products work effortlessly with all industry leading automated medication inventory management systems including Cencora, Bluesight, IntelliGuard and Stat Stock. [Learn More]
More RTA options to give clinicians greater choice.

To streamline medication management from the pharmacy to the bedside, Fresenius Kabi offers Simplist® prefilled syringes and freeflex® premixed IV bags in multiple medications and standard strengths. [Read More]

Realizing a future where biosimilars will improve the lives of more patients in more places.
Fresenius Kabi is committed to the future of biologics, and we’re going beyond supplying medicines. Our approach is BioSpecialized. From the collaborative way we work with health care professionals and patients, to how we manufacture and deliver our products. We have already launched oncology and immunology biosimilars in the U.S., helping to bring the promise of biosimilars to America. [Learn More]
Fresenius Kabi brings its global competence in aseptic compounding to America.

We opened our first U.S. compounding facility in Canton, MA in 2018 with state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and processes designed to meet rigorous quality standards and the increased capacity needs of
customers. [Take a Tour]

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